"The quality of these hams and salamis is absolutely world-class"

- Robert Parker's Wine Advocate, Issue 227


"Had fabulous salamis and a cured leg of mangalitsa pig-made by the charcuterie master [Tony Incontro] in #Napa"

- @robertmparkerjr July 6


"There are rare moments on your culinary journey when the familiar suddenly seems extraordinary and the standard for excellence suddenly shifts.  I’ll never forget the moment I first tasted Tony’s Mangalitsa Coppa and Wagyu Beef Bresaola and immediately asked, 'Who makes this?'

 It is a privilege to work with masters of their craft and Tony's approach to charcuterie challenges the status quo with his passion, experience, and balanced respect for tradition and progress."

- Chef Philip Tessier - Bocuse d'Or 2015 Silver Medalitst Competitor & 2017 Gold Metalist Coach


Salumi requested for and served at the 20th anniversary of The French Laundry. 

 Tony’s salume begins with sourcing and utilizing the best raw ingredients that are

available. The ingredients combined with his confidence, care, skill and patience, set the benchmark for

what artisanal salume should be. I strongly believe that his salume would be at the top tier in terms of

flavor, texture and quality were they to be commercially available.

- Devin Knell

Chef de Cuisine, Thomas Keller Restaurant Group


Invited to perform several butchery and Italian salumi demonstrations for chefs and restauranteurs from around the country at the annual Pork Summit in Napa Valley.


Tony's salumi featured in domestic and international food publications such as: Plate Magazine, Sonoma Magazine, The Furrow, and LA Chef's Column


Executed and provided 'European seam butchery' photography for The Mangalista Pig, Royalty Coming to America published in 2014

A California Partnership


3 GoodFood awards



Jamón Mangalitsa 



Salame Sicilia & Salame di Bue (Wagyu)