Who we are

Our Oath

 INCONTRO CURED has been and will be firmly committed to preserving and sharing one of the most authentic & age old products mother nature allows us to create - Our uniquely crafted cured meats from free roaming Mangalitsa hogs & Wagyu crossed cattle. Our core values are simple - We create based on what we believe is the honest craft; truth behind the word quality, transparency of our farm & purity in our animals and products. 

We continually seek perfection, expect to innovate yet maintain simple family traditions and time honored methods. We promise to never compromise our quality.


Producing at the highest standard to insure our product is always safely examined and produced responsibly. We have cutting-edge dry aging systems which allow us to utilize and control the natural, preferred outside air. The natural climate makes for exceptional meat curing & aging in an ancient, cave like manner.

Our Vision

 Driven by pure passion - INCONTRO CURED works with only one true premium breed of pig; The Noble Mangalitsa -100% natural, in slow, traditional methods.  We meticulously craft in small, limited size batches to guarantee unmatched quality. Our goal is to bridge together the rarities and to create a product on a level that is not found in the American cured meat industry - Breed specific from 1 farmer, exclusivity and custom collaborations. We look forward to combine our passion with elite venues & quality-driven connoisseurs. 

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Biota Inspired

bi·o·ta \bī-ˈō-tə\

The flora, fauna and fungi of a specific region.

Biota is the belief and philosophy of our entire process. Flora; is used to discuss our unique region and land.  Fauna; refers to our livestock. Of course we know that life cannot exist without the natural bacterias of a region. Thus, the collective term referring to these different forms of life in a specific place - 

BIOTA. The plants, animals and natural microflora of an ecosystem. Working together, symbiotically and in harmony. 

As the Mangalitsa roam freely in the Napa & Sonoma forests grazing on grass, roots, wild herbs, and seasonal acorns & chestnuts; to the aging cellars where our salumi slowly ripen. All of which is surrounded by our friendly, geographically unique microflora or (penicillium mold). 

The development of our beneficial, natural mold provides protection to the meats while drying, also adding an unmistakeable flavor and aroma of its own. Or as we call it, our "salumi terroir".


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