Our Hitsory


How it Started

The Incontro family comes from Sicily and Calabria, Italy.

 Being introduced to the craft at a very young age by his Nanu Incontro, our Founder and 3rd generation pork aficionado, Tony Incontro, has been involved in the family's love affair of all things pork, sausage and salumi. The Incontro family has the annual ritual of butchering and making salumi in the garage, just days before Christmas Eve. Creating the family salame Calabrese and Siciliano. Along with hot and sweet, fresh Sasizza.(Sicilian sausage) for sausage and Peppers.

Now in the beginning stages of what was only natural and destined to be. The dream of INCONTRO CURED Salumi is now available. 

Tony Incontro

Founder / Salumiere

As a Culinary Arts graduate, Tony has been 'cheffing' in fine dining establishments between Napa Valley and San Francisco the past decade - Martini House, Perbacco, Barbacco, Del Dotto Vineyards.

His passion for butchery and salumi were always a factor when choosing a restaurant to be a part of, to further develop his craftsmanship.

In most recent years, Tony worked at Del Dotto Vineyards, a Napa Valley winery, where he lead the salumi program. Here, he focused solely on old world style salumi and wine collaborations to develop his own unique & innovative curing styles to create a world class product.  He believed there was a large gap between artisanal meat curing and fine wine relations. Given the opportunity, Tony wanted to make a difference in Food & Wine pairings in the gastronomical region of Napa Valley turning attention back to small production, hand made craft. Something he so deeply believes America needs to claim.

"Salumi is my passion. It is my gift. Cooking immersed me into great food. It trained me on flavor building and respecting every ingredient, but I've come full circle and I'm butchering and salting meat from here on."

Team Members

Todd Hunt - Lab Manager & Production Lead


A graduate of UC Berkeley Chemistry and also a graduate from the Culinary Institute of America. Todd joined Tony in 2014 as a culinary extern in Napa Valley. "One taste of Tones manga salumi, I had to be a part of it."   In a very short window, he learned all he could about the craft of whole animal butchery and proper meat curing. This 4 month stint opened the door to the beautiful collision of meat-art, science and friendship.  Todd is a Co-Founder of INCONTRO CURED and leads the quality assurance and rigorous HACCP program.  Most days you can find Todd making adjustments to our on going haccp protocols, testing Ph or at the smoker, making something delicious! He is a sincere Bacon lover.